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Insulation / Spray Foam

Seal out heat/cold, increase indoor air quality, reduce noise, save money

Hot humid in the summer… Cold & drafty in the winter… Sound like your home? Homes leak in heat and humidity in summer and leak it out during the winter making you feel uncomfortable. Insulation can seal your home making it more comfortable for you year-round while saving you money on your energy costs.
R-19 ceiling insulation is the requirement of all houses built after 1982. If your home was built before 1982, you may benefit from adding insulation.

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Benefits of Insulation:

  • Increase comfort by reduce cold/hot zones
  • Reduce outdoor noise
  • Increase indoor air quality by providing a barrier against outdoor pollutants
  • Save money by saving energy
  • Lower utility bills (according to FPL, up to $112 annual savings)
  • Tax credit rebates

Florida Power and LightHow do you know if you need more insulation? If your house was built before 1982, you may qualify for a free FPL Home Energy Survey or below are the recommendations from FPL to ensure maximum efficiency:

R-19 Insulation Type Recommended Level Add if less than
Fiberglass (loose) 8.75 inches 5 inches
Fiberglass (blanket) 6.25 inches 3.5 inches
Cellulose 5 inches 3 inches

1 Based on a 2-3 bedroom home of 1,200-1,800 sq ft adding R-19 ceiling insulation to an uninsulated home with energy costs of $0.12 per kwh. Actual savings may vary.

2 Adding insulation when existing insulation is above this level may increase comfort, but it may take too long for the savings to pay for the insulation. Also, FPL will not provide an incentive if you already have this level of insulation.

FPL does not recommend adding insulation in this case, as it will take too long to pay for itself and FPL would not be able to provide an incentive.

Pray Foam WallsInsulation Products

Each of the different insulation products has its advantages whether it is installation, cost, or performance. By filling in the gaps and voids, spray foam insulation provides greater sealing from air, water, and noise. It can also strengthen the roof when applied to rafters. Contact us to determine which product would best fit your situation.

  • Batting & rolled
  • Blown in Fiberglass - Cellulose
  • Spray foam - Open cell
  • Spray foam - Closed cell
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Reduce distracting noise while adding beauty and value

When people hear the term acoustics, they immediately think of a musical venue or theater. Acoustics goes beyond that and plays a role in our homes, offices, hospitals, and anywhere else that sound is present. Ceiling tiles and wall treatments have a major effect on the noise level and reverberation within a space. The use of a particular space will determine the appropriate level of noise and treatments required. Office spaces do well with a moderate level of background noise. Schools require a low level. Places such as hospital, clinics, etc. where speech privacy is of major concern require treatments that prevent sound from traveling between spaces. No matter what level of acoustics you require, Miller Insulation & Acoustics has a solution that is functional as well as beautiful.

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Accessories Hanger wire and fasteners along with eyelags, clips pins, and toggle eyes designed to ease installation of ceiling products.
Acoustical Ceiling Panels Cast, wet felted, modulated, and fiberglass panels, all with varying degrees of sound absorption are available in a huge variety of decorative styles for any project.
Acoustical Wall Panels Fabric wrapped mineral or fiberglass panels used on walls for sound absorption, aesthetics, or to provide a tackable surface.
Decorative Panels Vinyl faced gypsum reinforced panels, stamped metal, and various trims and systems to create impressive visual effects.
FRP Liner Panels Tough, non-staining, easy-to-clean fiberglass reinforced panels used in commercial kitchens, hospitals, bathrooms, corridors and car washes.
Luminous Panels Special panels and systems designed to create desired lighting effects.
Special Use Panels For use in clean rooms, high humidity, food preparation, or other special function areas.
Suspension Systems Exposed, concealed, and drywall grid to coordinate with the various acoustical panels.
Specialty Ceilings Lay in, snap in, linear perforated, and un-perforated metal panels for use in soffits, lobbies, and security systems in prisons.



Closet Organization / Shelving

Increase usable space, increase organization, save time, add value

Closet Organization/Shelving Whether building a new home or upgrading an existing home, customized shelving in your walk-in closets, reach-in closets, pantry, office, and garage increases your usable space while providing the necessary organization to save you time.  While you are enjoying the daily benefits of customized shelving, you have made an improvement that may increase the value of your house.  With the choice of materials (wire, ventilated or solid wood, melamine, laminate), we can provide you with a variety of customized, high quality solutions to meet your needs without the closet organizer company price.



Improve lighting, make a room larger, add beauty to your home

Mirrors are a great way to improve lighting in a low-light area and to add a sense of increased area to a small space.  Because of its quality, we only use Arch Armor Back Mirrors.  Arch’s unique 2-coat process provides durability as well as beauty.

Miller Insulation & Acoustics furnishes and installs Custom Vanity mirrors, Mirrored Walls, Mirrored Doors, Glass Shelves and Heavy Glass Tabletops. Any and all types of custom glass or mirrors.

2 Coats of Paint


  • Clear or tinted (variety of color options)
  • Beveled and polished edges
  • Safety backed
  • Sizes up to 100” x 144”
  • 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4” thickness
  • Tested against heat, humidity, salt water, and other environmental factors
Armor Back

Tub / Shower Enclosures

Add beauty, functionality, and home value

Alumax Shower Enclosures

Any realtor will tell you that the kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms of a house and are where you should invest.  So why not add functionality, beauty, and value to your home with high quality tub and shower enclosures.  We install framed or frameless, slider, pivot, and hinge doors available in a variety of anodized and powder-coat finishes.  We also can install complete enclosures including the most highly customized heavy-glass enclosures in the industry.  We have flexible tub and shower enclosure designs to meet your needs and budget.


Reduce Glare, reduce fading, reduce noise, increase money in your pocket

PGT Tired of the glare on your TV?  Tired of replacing drapes and furniture due to fading?  Upgrading your windows may be the answer.  PGT windows filter out 99% of UV rays that can cause fading and glare.  In addition, these windows can lower energy costs while qualifying for a tax credit and reduce outside noise creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

PGT WinGuard Windows

  • Impact resistant
  • Meets the most stringent code requirements for hurricane force winds and flying debris
  • Security against thieves and intruders
  • Over two million units installed with no reported impact failures

PGT Aluminum Windows

  • Low maintenance
  • Fit any budget
  • Attractive painted finish in your choice of white or bronze
  • Custom built to your exact specifications

PGT Vinyl Windows

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Functionality and efficiency with elegance
  • Custom built to your exact specifications
  • Keeps your house looking its best for years

Architectural Systems Windows

  • Strength, protection, and beauty
  • Commercial and residential high-rises
  • Warranty of up to 20 years
  • Custom built with variety of options providing flexibility for new construction, replacement, or restoration projects

All windows are available in a variety of styles (single hung, double hung, horizontal roller, casement, etc.) and sizes.  Let us help you find the best windows to meet your needs and budget.

Miller Insulation and Acoustics furnishes and installs a complete line of windows and doors including, but not limited to the following.

  • PGT Industries "Winguard" windows and doors.
  • EFFEC Corporation Windows.
  • New construction or retrofit.


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